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Annie Luo started dancing blues in Boston in 2015, and she fell in love with it at first sight. When she went back home—Beijing China, she brought blues dancing with her.
In 2016, she founded Blues Beijing, where she started to teach blues dancing along with its history and Black American cultural context. Her passion and enthusiasm for blues drove her to many blues camps around the world, where she not only gained some recognition and won some competition titles but also deepened her knowledge and improved her dance skills.
In 2017, Annie decided to make blues dancing known to more people, so she taught workshops in cities throughout China. This sparked the growth of the Chinese blues dance scene, which is going strong today. As part of this effort, Annie has collaborated and taught with international instructors including Alfredo Melendez, Mike Sonder, and Dexter Santos, from whom she has learned a lot about teaching blues.
In 2018, Annie created Beijing Blues Bash (BBB), an international blues event with top instructors, live music, and dancers from all around Asia.
In addition to running the Beijing blues scene and organizing BBB, Annie is continuously developing her dance skills, understanding more about blues history, learning specific blues dances, and translating articles about blues into Mandarin. She is committed to teaching and leading the blues scene to be connected to the Black American roots of the dances.
Annie is still currently living and teaching in Beijing-- “I am so lucky to have blues to make who I am in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else".