Blues | Personal Trainer | Group Fitness Instructor
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The question of when did you start dancing; always seems to elude Katrina; as her first thought is “Um, probably since before I could walk”. Moving, playing, running, and dancing are very ingrained in her essence. She truly does not know how to be still, especially when music is playing! Music and dancing are food for Katrina’s soul. She feels the music on a very deep level and her body simply responds. Dancing has always been and will continue to be a place for Katrina to explore and express who she is, and she encourages everyone to do the same.
Katrina took her first Blues dance lesson in 2013 and found a piece of herself she never knew was missing. She is dedicated to learning and promoting the rich culture and history of this beautiful black art form. As a dancer, with a strong connection to musicality, she brings joy, emotion, fun, tons of sass and plenty of ridiculousness into her dances (nothing is off limits). Katrina especially loves to play in her partnerships and wants to see what you’re bringin’-lets Riff!. She has a special love of Blues with that Funky vibe (it totally compliments her quirkiness) and anything with that deep groove with high energy.
Katrina has been instructing various forms of movement; from personal fitness to track and field to dancing for over 14 years. While she is a technician; she wants her students to find how they can come alive through dancing. To learn how to make each movement their own and groove with confidence.